Rodney Lovette 2/25/2017

Petzl is a high quality, innovative manufacturer of several outdoor products, including headlamps. In recent years, technology has been applied to greatly improve the functionality of headlamps. Reactive lighting, through the use of a sensor on the headlamp, enables the headlamp to sense the amount of surrounding light, and increase or decrease the amount of light being produced by the headlamp. This is an important feature because while it allows for optimal light to be produced in dark situations where it is needed, in other situations where there is more sunlight it reduces the output and saves battery life. This can greatly extend the time you can use your headlamp without needing to recharge it. We carry a full line of Petzl headlamps, and feel confident they make something for every need. Mushing, camping, dogtrekking, and any recreational or extreme outdoor adventure you have planned. Check out our selection, you will be amazed at the capabilites of this line of headlamps!
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