Rodney Lovette 2/25/2017
In case anyone wants to know, it is my voice you are hearing narrate this instructional video.

This is a fantastic design, with improved high strength webbing, and increased padding for comfort, that can be used for a variety of activities. Canicross, bikejor, skijor, or recreational jogging. For dogtrekking, hiking or other adventures with your dog in the outdoors, it is extremely useful. It becomes a hands-free way to keep your dog on leash and close without needing a leash and using one arm to control your dog. Another benefit, if you put a harness on your dog, along with a bungee lead, your dog can actually help pull you. This increases speed, and ease of hill climbing, and makes your dog become a partner in your trek. Great exercise for your dog, better control, and a more  enjoyable experience for all!
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