Rodney Lovette 2/26/2017
Canicross is a sport combing a person and either one or two dogs, racing as a team. The human athlete wears a special belt designed for canicross, the dog wears a harness for pulling, and they are connected by a bungee lead. They race together as a team, with the dog pulling in front of the person. It is possible for 5k races, for a team to exceed speeds of 20km per hour which is not possible for a human running alone.
Many areas of the world are now offering canicross racing as part of their dryland racing offers. This is a great sport, which you can do with your pet dog, either competing in races or just to go on runs in your neighborhood for exercise.
All the equipment is available on the eshop. Several varieties of canicross belt, bungee leads, and a wide selection of harnesses to fit every size and breed of dog comfortably.

Bara and Monty at the start of a race.

This is also a great activity for kids, and a healthy way for them and your dog to exercise. As a note, most dogs like to pull and run. You don't need a husky, in fact most hunting breeds and herding breeds really pull quite well and easily with minimal training. Mixed breed shelter dogs, and even small breeds enjoy the time together. Don't wait, spring is coming, get what you need and get out there canicrossing with your dog!
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