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3in1 Dog Blanket
The 3 in 1 is a fantastic idea for your tiny friend. It can be a traveling dog bed, a mini house and a transport blanket. It is 38cm x 40cm, and currently available in brown and pink.
Dog Bed
The Dog Bed Comfort is both comfortable and practical, is water and dirt resistant and doesn't absorb smells. If a liquid 'appears' on the bed it doesn't soak in. S 60x50cm M 70x57cm L 85x65cm
Dog Bone Bed
A fun design that every dog and dog owner should love, BONES! Speciální prošití v několika bodech zabraňuje nerovnoměrnému rozmístění výplně a zajišťuje stálost tvaru. Bohatě vyplněné boky pelíšku ocení...
Dog Comfort Pillow
The Comfort Pillows are both comfortable and practical pillows that are suitable for any dog. At home on the floor, in the car, crate or for travelling on the train. They are water and dirt resistant and...
Dog Mattress
The Dog Matress is very comfortable and practical. It is made of a superb quality nylon that is moisture resistant. It's also a scratch proof material that offers comfort to your dog during rest. Maintenance...
Dog Paw Pillow
a finely crafted bed from Samohyl Exclusive, with durable stiching and comfortable padding. It comes in a creative dog paw pattern to make it stylish and fun. It is available in 5 different sizes to fit...
Leatherette Pet Transporter
The Leatherette bag is not only practical when transporting your dog , but also a beautiful fashion accessory . The length of the straps is adapted to fit comfortably in the hand and on the shoulder. Inside...
Lux Pet Carrier
a high quality, fashionable pet carrier for small animals. small or mini breed dogs, cats, ferrets can all be accomodated comfortably anytime you need to travel. made from a synthetic leatherette for durability....
Tick Remover
A handheld manual tick remover. You simply press down on the plastic slide to open the extensions, allowing it to close at the base of the tick. The you simply twist counter-clockwise slowly while pulling,...