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Accu 2 Ultra Battery
The Ultra Lithium -Ion battery for headlamps , with a capacity of 2600mAh .
Accu NAO+
Spare Battery Lithium -Ion technology assures high performance headlamp Petzl NAO + even at low temperatures . Recharges directly using the integrated USB outlet . It is compatible with any standard USB...
Aktik Core Headlamp
Headlamp ACTIK CORE is a powerful flashlight combined light is ideal for outdoor activities such as: climbing and alpinism, running, trekking and hiking. It is equipped with a rechargeable battery CORE...
Aktik Headlamp
The ACTIK headlamp is highly versatile, powerful , with a combination light, and is designed for outdoor activities such as: climbing and alpine sports, running, trekking and hiking. Two cone-shaped light...
Core Battery Pack
Rechargeable, high capacity for new model Petzl headlamps - TIKKINA , tikki ZIPKA , ACTIK , ACTIK CORE , TACTIKKA , TACTIKKA TACTIKKA + and + RGB . Charges via standard USB port charging indicator on the...
Noctilite Case
NOCTILIGHT is a protective case for the new line of Petzl headlamps , which also serves as a lamp . It can be hung in the tent , clipped onto a belt, or put on the table. It is a recommended addition to...
Petzl E-lite Headlamp
Ultra-light and extremely compact headlamp e + LITE emergency . Protection sleeve is always ready for use and can be stored and batteries for ten years in a backpack , a vest , a package of last resort...
Petzl Nao+
The third generation of the popular front panel offers all active runners, cyclists, skiers and alpinists compact, intelligent, and pluggable solutions to their rechargeable flashlights. By applying MyPetzl...
Pixa 3R Headlamp
Petzl Pixa 3R is a compact headlamp for everyday use. The integrated rechargeable battery offers users an advantage compared with conventional batteries, charging from a network. It is a practical, economical...
Reactik Headlamp
Smart, compact rechargeable headlamp technology with Reactive Lighting, which automatically adjusts the performance needs of the user. It is ideal for dynamic, vigorous physical activity. Longer battery...
Reactik Plus Headlamp
Intelligent rechargeable headlamp with Reactive Lighting technology and the Bluetooth controllable via smartphone. This model offers outdoor entuziastům compact, intelligent, and pluggable solutions to...
Tikka Headlamp
Simple and compact headlamp TIKKA has a wide cone of light and long lasting . It is practical for outdoor activities like camping or traveling . It can be used at home for minor activities and work around...