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Braided Leash
Wide tubular webbing woven together to make it more resistant to water and abrasion. Only available in mixed color webbing.
Braided Leash with Bungee
Around 170 cm with a wrist strap, clip and integrated shock absorber (210 cm with bungee taught). Vodítko s amortizerem PLETENÉ
Euro Collars
A nice collection of durable O-ring standard adjustable collars. The colors can be selected to match the tug lines of the EuroX harnesses to make it easier when harnessing a team, or they can just be a...
Extension Leash
It is possible to extent the leash to about 200 cm (80 inches) long using rings. Vodítko má nekolik možností nastavení délky pomocí kroužků. Rozvinutá délka je cca 2 m.
L. E. Collar
A fantastic padded collar that is extremely well made. It is available in two color choices with the new low profile gray webbing. Because they are padded, they are not universal in size, so measuring...
L.E. Bungee Leash
For races, the length of the extended line should not exceed 2 m to avoid the entanglement of the dogs. The pulling line should, for safety reasons, be attached to the person in such a way that allows...
Leash with Bungee
Around 170 cm with a wrist strap, clip and integrated shock absorber (210 cm with bungee taught). The material is great for larger breeds. Vodítko s amortizerem
Limited Edition Flat Leash
A new low profile flat leash, designed to match the other Limited Edition products. It is 180cm in length, has a built-in handle with a single snap at the other end to connect to a collar or harness. This...
Manmat Puppy Collars
Strong, lightweight, and adjustable, to allow for maximum use while your puppy is growing into adulthood. Matching leashes are also available for order! The collars are produce in four different colors,...
Manmat Puppy Leash
A strong, lightweight, and durable leash, produced in four color varieties to match the same colors in the puppy collars. A sewn in handle for gripping, with a snap for attaching to the collar. Look great...
Padded Collar
A semi-choke TEBOX padded collar with D-ring. It is available in 7 standard sizes so that it will fit most breeds. An excellent choice for dogs who are experiencing collar rub. It is important with any...