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4 Leg Tick Stop Jacket
A softshell jacket that has a special TICK STOPPER repellant built into the fabric.
Chanel Sweater
A very elegant and yet practical winter jacket by Samoh├Żl . It ensures that your dog will not only look fashionable, but be comfortable in cooler weather . The c ut of the jacket is adapted to protect...
Dog T-Shirt
The Dog T Shirt can be a stand alone fashion statement, but more importantly it was designed to fit on a dog underneath the harness to reduce or eliminate harness rub. It is made from an elastic polyester...
EHT Racing Coat
A lightweight coat designed to be worn over a harness while the team is racing. An excellent coat for dogs for fall, winter or spring who do outdoor activities with short hair. Easy to put on with velcro...
EHT Winter Coat
A three layered, extra warm dog coat for winter and harsh conditions. Water and wind resistant. Easy to put on and take off with velcro around the neck and chest. Available only in blue, and reflective...
Softshell Paw Vest
A form fitting softshell vest that provides protection from wind and cold. Comes with a cute paw print design. Perfect for all sizes of dogs and all activity levels!
Softshell Vest
A functional, softshell vest that allows full range of motion, yet keeps your dog warm. Velikost/Sizes 24 28 32 36 40 45 50 55 60 65 70 75 80 Barva/Colors
Thermo Bodysuit
This is a fantastic design for a thermal bodysuit. For pets it will be comfortable and warm. This is a product that I will be testing on my sled dogs this season. I think that it will provide insulation,...
Keep your dog warm in this state of the art dog coat! Fiber filled and water repellant with an adjustable neck opening. Durable outer layer. Velcro closures are secured by straps with plastic buckle. The...
Vest with bone
A sturdy dog vest that is bicolored. It can be either orange and black, or green and black. It is easy to slip on over the dogs head, and made of softshell material that will help with both repelling rain...
Windbreaker Jacket
This is a lighter version of the Thermocoat. It is designed to be used while dogs are in harness are running. Suggested by Brent Sass and tested in both the Yukon Quest and Iditarod, it is a musher must...